A downloadable role playing game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Will be available in 105 days.

Slave RPG is our attempt at a role playing game that attempts to take aspects of older classic role playing games and present it in a familiar yet modern way. It is a dystopian game that finds the player under the control of an aggressive militia in a distant future where the housing market bubble had a much larger effect on the world.


Slave RPG is a role playing game that takes place in a dystopian near future, where the housing market crash had a quite different outcome. You will need to find ways to make money and escape your debt so that you can go back to living a normal life, and possibly gain slaves of your own to financially ensure your future.

Currently the game has native mod support and development is being focused on the gameplay mechanics rather than the graphics to help ensure a smooth experience for everyone. While we are not focusing on graphics at the moment, there is a large focus on making the UI easily understandable and pleasant on the eyes, as we want the final game to be a very in-depth role playing game with many stats and different player builds to choose from.


  • Two full versions of the game which include the free batch prototype and the full Unity based game (depending on the feedback/free-time we have we might develop the batch prototype a little more just for fun.).
  • A basic plot that doesn't force the player into it and instead serves as a pushing point for exploration.
  • Each non-player character is completely unique and not copy and pasted, meaning that each conversation is completely unique to that character.
  • An arena with numerous tiers and modes to fight through.
  • Six different races to choose from, each one having their own stat limits.
  • Eight different classes with support for creating custom classes.
  • 17 towns to explore with historically inspired locations taking place across central Texas.
  • Various gambling centers, with several different gambling games.
  • A few suicide booths (with suicide options).
  • Multiple endings that are dependent on how you play rather than preset choices.
  • Multi-tiered difficulty settings that allow you to change: the play time, companion deaths, enemy difficulty, weather difficulty, world difficulty, and turning on/off an Iron Man mode.
  • A bestiary for all 24 monsters in the game.
  • In-depth character stats inspired by the classic DnD d20 system.
  • In-depth character health which composes of an overall health that is divided down into body parts, for each body part that drops below a percentage threshold a limit will be placed onto the player.
  • A dynamic character status that changes depending on how much damage each individual body part has taken.
  • Post game content and unlockable items.
  • Plenty of extras that include: achievements, backstory, cheat codes, secrets and more!


Will be available in 105 days.
SlaveRPG 0.8 Windows
SlaveRPG 0.8 Mac
SlaveRPG 0.8 Linux
SlaveRPG 0.75 Windows
SlaveRPG 0.75 Mac
SlaveRPG 0.75 Linux
SlaveRPG 0.7 Windows + Hotfix
SlaveRPG 0.7 Mac + Hotfix
SlaveRPG 0.7 Linux + Hotfix
SlaveRPG 0.65 Windows
SlaveRPG 0.65 Mac
SlaveRPG 0.65 Linux
SlaveRPG 0.6 Windows
SlaveRPG 0.6 Mac
SlaveRPG 0.6 Linux
SlaveRPG 0.55 Windows
SlaveRPG 0.55 Mac
SlaveRPG 0.55 Linux
SlaveRPG 0.5 Windows
SlaveRPG 0.5 Mac
SlaveRPG 0.5 Linux
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