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Slave RPG is a role playing game that takes aspects of classic CRPGs and presents them in a familiar yet modern way. It is a dystopian game that finds the player under the control of an aggressive militia in a distant future, where the housing market crash had a much larger effect on the world.

You are a slave and you will need to find ways to make money to escape debt bondage, in order to return to living a normal life. Along your journey, you could possibly gain workers of your own to financially ensure your future. However, you may also find fame and fortune fighting in the district arena. The choice is ultimately yours.


  • In-Depth Role Playing
    Having six different races to choose from, eight default classes, the support for custom class creation, 40 different perks, and a plethora of difficulty options, each character created is truly unique. A dynamic character status system also changes depending on how much damage each individual body part has taken, and gameplay elements will be affected by this status.
  • Classic d20 Based Gameplay
    Both enemy and player stats alike are affected by a traditionally styled d20 system, with rolls having bonuses based on core stat elements, and various in-game actions taken with d20 die rolls.
  • A Range Of Difficulty
    Whether you would like the game to be a breeze or want the game to punish you for every action taken, there are plenty of difficulty options to choose from, including: play time, companion deaths, enemy difficulty, weather difficulty, world difficulty, an iron man mode, and more!
  • An Expansive Mid-Texas
    With over 17 unique places to explore, the post-apocalypse has covered this land in harsh swamp. Here, you can expect to find various gambling dens, a massive arena to fight in, suicide booths for when things get too tough, numerous areas changing depending on the playthrough, and a basic plot to tie it all together without bogging everything down.
  • Plenty Of Extras
    Various post game content mixed in with some rogue-lite elements provides new content to be unlocked with every ending (or death) achieved. Additional extras include: achievements, cheat codes, secrets, new classes, new races, and unlockable characters.


Get this role playing game and 1 more for $11.99 USD
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Your game looks great! Sadly, the shareware mac version looks like this  :(
It's possible to unzip the app file and run the game from the executable that's inside but the game doesn't work past the character creation screen (the Start Game button at the end does nothing at all)

Will try the windows version later in hope that it works as this thing sure looks promising!

Hi, we are sorry that it doesn't seem to be working, from what we have experienced the Windows and Linux builds have worked just fine while the Mac builds have been iffy depending on the version.  Another user on here reported the same problem a while back but we were unable to detect an issue when it had happened then, we will look into it again.  In the meantime the Windows build is working just fine!

We have recently updated the game and this issue should be fixed.


I'm happy to report that both Windows and Mac version are working now! (although you still have to "unpack" the app file manually as OS X claims that it's damaged)

Thank you for letting us know, we don't have a means to test the Mac version so this would have gone unfixed otherwise.  And yeah, we know that having to unpackage it is kind of a pain, but it saves upload time and memory for us as well as keeps things nice and in order so we don't get our builds mixed up.


Oh, I think you got me a bit wrong here. I don't have any problem with having to unzip the archive. It's that - inside the zip file there is an .app file - an os x executable that one should be able to run, just like an .exe file on Windows. But the system says that the .app file is corrupted (like one the screenshot I shared in my first post) and to actually run the game, you have to open the app package contents (which is not a standard thing to do) and find the game executable hidden in a not really obvious place. 

But, dunno, it might just be a problem with my mac so feel free to ignore this if no-one else reports this.

All best!

When I try to install any version, it attempts to start the download but fails

I'm not sure what the issue is, the downloads are working fine on a few different computers for us and the MEGA side of things seem to be in order.   There shouldn't be any need for installing though, you should just unzip the file and it should play just fine.


When using the Itch client for updates/managing their collections, it requires you to have a specific tag for each system your game supports. When it's setup like this, users are unable to download and install or manage updates with it. That's why it won't "install" for Hugo. It doesn't really install, but it just bypasses the unzipping and future managing steps for the user as far as I know.

Thanks for the info!  It seems a little odd that I would have to specifically use a separate uploading manager to have uploaded games work with the itch.io client as opposed to simply having the client download the .zip normally.  As of now our game is tagged correctly with what systems the game supports, however the client still does not download the files correctly.  I would suggest downloading our game not using the client at the moment, and just from a web browser.

dosent install and i cant figure out why

There should be nothing to install, just unzip the file somewhere and launch the exe to play.

The game doesn't work for the mac version, the 'start the game' at the end of character customisation doesn't do anything....

Thank you for letting us know, the Mac and Linux versions are not currently being tested.  Which version did you try running?